Beast Fit Nation

Beastfitnation is a free gym.

Classes are monday-friday 620am

Monday-Friday 630pm

Address: 1235 sw 16th ave  Portland, Or

Beast Fit Nation is a community of healthy living, we call it a way of life. Fitness is instrumental in attaining long term health, we use music as the motivation, and our fashion to outpace the competitors. Join our movement as we take over the world, one workout at a time.

A new workout will be posted everyday listed under “WOD” and will be named after a musical artist. Enjoy.

BeastfitNation Workouts are a culmination of several sports, training techniques, and lifting styles. Combining agility with body weight specific movements can lead to awesome results. BeastfiNation workouts have been used by over 500 people in 4 different countries including NBA players, Division 1 athletes and your everday soccer mom. When you can get a 6’1 PG who can bench press 390 lbs, run a 4.4 in his sleep, and do 60 pullups in a row, we call that BEASTFIT. Whether you’re a marathon runner or the starting linebacker on your high school team BEAST FIT workouts utilize every sports specific movement and encompasses a plethora of advanced strategies. Beastfit can be done in a gym, on a track, or in your living room.